Boosting Your Immune System

If you’ve been listening to old wives tales you may believe that the best way to boost your immune system is by imbibing an enormous amount of Vitamin C. While Vitamin C is an essential part of a healthy diet, its reputation for boosting the immune system is overrated. When a germ invades your system […]

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Tips To Reduce Your Anxiety

American residents are known to be utterly plagued with anxiety and stress, with nearly 70% reporting that they experience these feelings during their day to day life. While there are multiple ways to combat stress in our day to day lives, not enough of us take conscious steps to see the amount we suffer reduced. […]

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The Practice Of Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is a practice that isn’t commonly practiced in our fast-paced society, but it is an ages old solution that can provide us with the calmness and serenity necessary to make important decisions about our body and our lives. Mindfulness is simply the process of slowing down and paying attention to what’s going on with […]

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These Delicious Foods Help Ward Off Disease

We’ve all been told the importance of a healthy balanced diet in maintaining our weight and helping our body perform at its best, but do you know that what you choose to eat can also have a positive effect on your ability to ward off disease? If you’re looking for ways to help keep yourself […]

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10 Ways To Support Your Mental Health

While there’s a lot of debate about what the exact cause is one thing is clear, mental health issues are clearly on the rise. There are those who say that it’s simply being reported more in our modern age, and those who say that the state of the world today contributes to it but one […]

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Sleep Disorders And Dementia: What’s The Connection?

Alzheimer’s Disease is one of a number of ailments that all fall under the term Dementia, diseases that cause the steady degradation of social skills, emotional reactions, and other cognitive functions such as memory. As time has gone and studies performed it has become increasingly apparent that dementia and sleep disorders are closely tied, with […]

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Demystifying Mental Illness: How Hollywood And Society Get It Wrong

Thanks to movies, media, music, and literature there’s a lot of confusion about the realities of what mental illness is, and is not. Every year we see it glorified in characters ranging from heroic to downright dastardly, and we see it blown out of proportion and made the subject of ridicule everywhere we look. Most […]

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Enacting Positive Change To Our Personalities

We’ve all come to a point in our lives, at one time or another, when we find habits or mindsets that are unhealthy and that we would like to change. While this kind of fundamental change to our nature is possible, it doesn’t come without effort and some trial and error. In order to understand […]

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Feet tied to a scale by measuring tapes

3 Signs Of Eating Disorders

Thousands of people every year get diagnosed with an eating disorder, an insidious condition that can destroy lives and leave them feeling out of control. Those who suffer from an eating disorder can experience an incredible struggle and be unaware of the fact that they are suffering from them. This is what makes an attentive […]

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Silhouette of a woman curled up on a chair

Why Not 13 Reasons Why

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard about the smash hit 13 Reasons Why, a TV series that deals with the rather complicated topic that is teenage suicide.  While this has been a cinematic success, it has caused some concern in the psychiatric community by romanticizing suicide.  Suicidal thoughts are something that […]

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upper half of mans face with glasses looking upward to multiple black question marks on a gray background

Assessing ADHD in Adult Patients

The term ADHD, for many people, conjures the image of a grade-school aged child who may be loud, who can’t stay in their seat, who can’t be still, who runs too fast, talks too loud and generally acts like they are being run by a high speed motor with no off switch. However, ADHD is […]

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illustration of a creative brain being tortured by being wrapped in barbed wire and bleeding into an ink container

The Association Between Major Mental Disorders and Geniuses

The notion of the tortured genius implies that every person who excels in their field is tormented by inner demons, or some form of a mental disorder. Essentially this idea places mental disorders as a prerequisite for the ability to excel in one’s field. This raises the question of whether there is a clear link […]

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Close up of vitamin D capsules

How Vitamin D Helps With Bipolar Depression

Many people are vitamin D deficient due to poor diet or a lack of daily sun exposure. Recent research has found a correlation between low vitamin D levels and neuropsychiatric illness. Specifically, it has been noted that vitamin D deficiency has been found to be associated with bipolar depression. With this new information comes the […]

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Hand reaching towards a depressed woman at home

Depression and Anxiety With Cancer

Upon hearing the news of their diagnosis, many cancer patients may develop and suffer from depression and/or anxiety. While these feelings are very common and to be expected, it is important that the patient receives proper psychiatric care alongside their cancer treatment. Depression and anxiety in cancer patients should not be disregarded, as it can […]

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ADHD in Pregnancy

Relaxation techniques in pregnancy are becoming more fashionable. Spa therapies for pregnant women, massages, foot reflexology, music massage in the water, craniosacral therapy and watsu, the latest in physiotherapeutic programs for future mothers, are the most innovative in combating dreaded anxiety and stress during pregnancy.

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