During psychopharmacology visits, I will monitor the efficacy of medications the individual is currently placed on, inquire about potential side effects, and at times use genetic testing in individuals who have experienced multiple medication failures. I offer thorough education on any medication prescribed.

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Brief solution focused therapies are “short problem solving” therapies which they are based on a simple model but require the definition of the problem and identification of ineffective solutions (the solutions that become the problem) in order to move towards a resolution.

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A consultation is a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation that lasts anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes; during which I will try to understand the reasons that led you to seek an opinion or treatment. I will focus on your current symptoms and explore stressors and existing coping mechanisms to help develop a treatment plan that best […]

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father studying a DNA helix model with his two children

Genetic Testing

We all respond to medications differently. This is why a particular medication may not work for you but does work for someone else. Your DNA can show how your body may respond to medications. This technology analyzes your DNA and helps your doctor understand how you metabolize certain medications and identify which medication you are more likely to respond to base on your genetic makeup. This information can help avoid medications that cause unwanted side effects and help treatment-resistant patients. Collecting a DNA sample is easy using a simple mouth swab.

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