Enacting Positive Change To Our Personalities

We’ve all come to a point in our lives, at one time or another, when we find habits or mindsets that are unhealthy and that we would like to change. While this kind of fundamental change to our nature is possible, it doesn’t come without effort and some trial and error. In order to understand how to go about this process, it’s important to understand what your identity is, and how you can go about making changes in it in a healthy and productive way. If you’re experiencing one of those moments where you feel it’s time for a deep and meaningful change, read through this guide and then contact your psychiatrist.

How Do We Define Our Identity?
This has been a question pondered by some of the greatest minds in philosophy for ages, what exactly makes us who we are? Common wisdom indicates that our identity is framed by a set of beliefs about ourselves and the nature of the world in which we live, including other people. It is possible to examine yourself using cognitive techniques, and through those techniques make steps to change it through cognitive restructuring. These steps can be challenging, as it requires us to face some of the deepest parts of our psyche and perhaps loosen or remove some of the underpinnings we use to relate to the world.

What Does It Mean To Change Our Identity and Face These Challenges?

Making changes to our identity and how we perceive the world means uprooting and examining some of our most fundamental beliefs. These beliefs need not be spiritual or religious, and in fact, they typically aren’t, though they may be influenced by those kinds of beliefs. Exploring our identity in an honest and unrelenting fashion isn’t always comfortable, as it requires us to really think deeply about how we feel about the world, where we developed certain attitudes, and question their validity. Questioning one’s identity is never easy, and it is this challenge that some find it difficult to overcome. Others find it freeing as they release themselves from the bonds of self-definition in a moment of psychological regeneration.

How Do We Make These Changes?
These kinds of changes require constant reevaluation and questioning of those beliefs that we hope to uproot and change. While it is possible to accomplish this on your own (and in fact that final work will always lay with you) working with a psychiatrist can help you succeed. As an outside observer, they’re able to ask questions that will reframe your thoughts and require you to approach the topic from another direction when you get mired or stuck.

If you’re ready to change your life’s story by reinventing your identity, contact the Infinity Hope Center and schedule an appointment with one of their specialists like Dr. Markita Thompson. Every year thousands of patients work with their team of experts to recreate their lives, drop bad habits, and recover from trauma. Don’t let the difficulty and fear involved in change mire you in unhealthy habits and an unhappy life, contact them today to begin your journey to healing.

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