Genetic Testing

father studying a DNA helix model with his two children

Mental Health Medications

Are you tired of the trial and error process of discovering if a medication will work for you?

We all respond to medications differently. This is why a particular medication may not work for you but does work for someone else. Your DNA can show how your body may respond to medications. This technology analyzes your DNA and helps your doctor understand how you metabolize certain medications and identify which medication you are more likely to respond to base on your genetic makeup. This information can help avoid medications that cause unwanted side effects and help treatment-resistant patients. Collecting a DNA sample is easy using a simple mouth swab.

Health and Wellness

Work smarter not harder!

Genetic information from your DNA can help you better understand your metabolism, eating behaviors and response to exercise. Several tests are available to promote the improvement of overall health and wellness. With a simple mouth swab sample, you can discover what diet types will work for you, the right exercises to help effectively manage or lose weight, and how your body responds to certain nutrients. This information is used to develop an individual diet, nutrition and exercise plan tailored to you.

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