One-Minute Strategies For Combatting Stress

The frantic pace of modern living leaves us chasing that elusive state known as ‘relaxed’, typically resulting in our being more stressed than ever. For most of us the dream of a quiet week, or even a day, spent relaxing without a worry to bother us is an elusive dream, but relaxation doesn’t have to come hours at a time to benefit us. If you’re in the middle of a harrowing day and need a minute to have some peace of mind, try using the following techniques to tackle it.

Meditation Isn’t Hokey Folklore

About 20 years ago meditation caught on in the Americas like wildfire, and the reaction to it was clearly mixed. Research in the meantime has revealed that it does indeed have a beneficial effect, indicating the possibility that it actually alters the pathways of the brains neural net in a way that aids our ability to manage stress. Simply place your feet flat on the floor, sit up straight, and recite a phrase that reinforces what you want in your life. “I am peaceful”, “I am calm”, and “I am a worthy person” are all good examples.

Deep Breathing Isn’t Either

Taking slow, deep, measured breaths can help settle a racing heart, sooth a frantic mind, and release stress. Its’ a simple enough method, you just simply take a moment to draw in a long, slow breath through your nose, and release it through your mouth. This process has been shown to reduce blood pressure, calm the heart rate, and overall reduce your stress levels.

Live In The Moment

This may seem a strange bit of advice to help you remain calm and stress free, but truly living in the moment is essential. We miss some of the most pleasant parts of everyday experiences by being focused on our work rather than experiencing the wonders of the world around us. Take a moment to really look at the world around you, enjoy the sun in the sky, the wind on your face, the smell of coffee in the air, even the quiet everyday sounds of your office. You’re not just here to live, work, and die, take some time to experience your surroundings.

Connect With Those Around You

Humans are social creatures, and living in isolation isn’t a healthy situation for any of us on an extended time-frame. Go out with friends, speak with your friends and family, spend time connecting with people who care about you and who you care a bout. This can help refresh you in ways that may surprise you, and research shows those with a healthy social life live with less stress.

If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety and would like help learning how to manage it, contact Dr. Markita Thompson at the Infinity Hope Center in Detroit MI today. Stress is a major contributor to matters of physical and mental health and keeping it under control can help us experience a long, happy, and healthy life with our friends and family.

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