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These Delicious Foods Help Ward Off Disease

These Delicious Foods Help Ward Off Disease

We’ve all been told the importance of a healthy balanced diet in maintaining our weight and helping our body perform at its best, but do you know that what you choose to eat can also have a positive effect on your ability to ward off disease? If you’re looking for ways to help keep yourself healthy and survive the plagues of flu season, the office, and children in the germ locker that is a public school, consider adding these powerful foods to your diet!

The Biological Bounty of Berries

Berries are a delightful and sweet snack, but did you know that they have properties that help hold off disease when eaten in appropriate amounts? From heart disease to cancer, berries antioxidant properties are able to assist the body in holding off these conditions as well as helping to repair damage. Cranberries have a special property all their own that aid them in holding off urinary tract infections. Try to eat a cup of berries each day to get the best results, they go great with cereal, yogurt, or just on their own!

The Delights Of Dairy

Dairy is another source of incredible disease-fighting benefits. The combination of minerals, proteins, and vitamins come together with the robust source of calcium that milk provides to help hold off a number of diseases, not the least of which is osteoporosis. When combined with exercise that requires bearing weight three servings of dairy will help boost your bone strength and keep you sturdy for years to come. As an added bonus, healthy amounts of dairy have been shown to help aid in weight-loss provided all other elements (like calories) are in check.

The Fantastic Flourish Of Fish

Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in fish and have been shown to be important in lowering the fat in the blood, reducing incidents of clots, and as a result is an effective way of combating heart disease. To reap the best benefits you should consume at least two servings of fish (especially those known as fatty fish like salmon and tuna) a week to hold off cardiovascular disease. Even better, consuming fish will ensure that you are eating less of the saturated fat from other meats.

The Greatness Of The Greenest Greens

There’s a philosophy among those who eat healthy that it’s important for you to ‘eat your rainbow’. They aren’t referred to hard-shelled candies, however, but to foods from the vegetable world. The color of a plant is a clear indicator of the kinds of nutrients that can be found within it, and the greenest greens bring some of the most important. From iron to magnesium, vitamin C to beta-carotene, the dark greens bring a bounty of disease-fighting support to the table. The magnesium found in dark greens is particularly good at helping prevent type 2 diabetes.

If you’re looking for further steps to help you fight disease and work towards full-body wellness pick up the phone and call the Infinity Hope Center and schedule an appointment with Dr. Markita Thompson at their office in Detroit, MI today.